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Advance Antivirus Protection using AI.

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Ultra Secure Zone

Secure Vault

Data Recovery

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Use of Artificial Intelligence for enhanced security:

IOKEN Antivirus uses AI technology in a novel way for Realtime Scanning of your system to provide you next step security.
It provides an Intelligent way of analyzing the data in addition to the traditional method of checking the list of different malwares.
It continuously keeps a tab on the functioning of different files along with its behavior of accessing different drivers and folders.
It will proactively eliminate such files thus saving the system from any potential threat or damage thereof.
Thus the user is alarmed of any suspicious activity taking place by seeing the history for such eliminated threats.
The information of the path of the file currently being scanned by AI-Realtime Scanning feature can be seen on Antivirus home screen

Smart Look, Advanced Features

With the use of AI, the security of the system is enhanced.

How can I stay safe online?


A very unique feature of IOKEN Antivirus to handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries.


To help you protect your data not just on your system but also when it’s on the move.


Recover your data even after any damage to the system due to virus attack.


Protect your device from theft by enabling anti theft alarm system.

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Other Features

AI-Realtime Scan

Our AI based realtime scan locates,all types of malware ensuring you are protected against the latest threats.

Scheduled Scans

Select the type of scan you wish to run and schedule when you want the process to run – Hassle free.

Secure Vault

Protect your data with a password not just on your system but also when it’s taken on a USB drive or CD.

Ultra Secure Zone

Experience Safe Browsing with our Ultra Secure Zone feature,thus making finacnial transactions more secure.

Advanced Firewall

Understanding that privacy is important, we provide advance firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your private data.

Data Recovery

Recover the permanently lost data from the system.You can recover any type of data.

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Security at your Fingertips

All the features are easily accessible.
It provides you the ease of using all the features thus avoiding the hassle of any time consuming process.